What’s this??! A Derringer, this was produced by a short-lived high end motorized bicycle company in California started by Adrian Van Anz – I’m pretty sure he also created a leather wrapped computer at one point that had a cigarette lighter built in… either way, I think it’s pretty cool, definitely more art than anything, each one got its own unique color scheme and theme created for the customer, along with a chrome gas cap with the owner’s last name etched elaborately into it. This belongs to a good friend and we’ve gone through several rounds of work on it, most notably picking out and upgrading it to have lighting (head and taillight, turn signals, control switch, harness, battery etc…) and a matching chrome horn; along with adding the rear rack and saddle bags. I’m still not entirely sure it was designed to survive actual riding, lol, but we do what we can to keep it from rattling itself into pieces… Even though it’s a pain sometimes I really like spending time with this one of a kind mode of transportation. I hope someday he succumbs to converting it to electric… 😄 . . . . . #mattsautoshop #mattsauto #garnerautorepair #local  #raleighautorepair #raleighcars #garnernc #raleigh #raleighnc #autorepair #auto #derringer #motorizedbike #motorizedbicycle #bicycle